Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Well here we are. Chris and I figured there wasn't enough of us out in the blog world so here we are with yet another blog for you all to read and love. Unlike our other 2 blogs which consist of the daily stories and photos of our lives this one will be strictly for sports stuff. Chris and I are both sports nuts which is probably why we go so good together. Growing up in Canada I am a crazy hockey fan and a die hard Edmonton Oilers fan. Chris is a Colorado Avalanche fan which is okay with me considering my favorite player and former Oiler is now a member of the Avs. When I met Chris and found out he was also a hockey fan I know it was meant to be. ha! My love for baseball didn't happen till I met Chris's mom. Being from Seattle they are big Mariners fans. I swore I would NEVER like baseball. That didn't last long because as soon as I started to sit down and watch the games and learn there is really so much more to the game than just hitting a ball and running I fell in love with it and to this day I can't get enough. Since we live in Boston Chris and I order the baseball package and stay up late most night so we can watch the M's. We both are crazy about the Seahawks and can't wait for next season to arrive. Soccer, golf, college basketball and the list goes on.

So there you have it, that is a little about us. You will read about all sorts of things on this blog but mostly about our favorite teams and what is going on with them. We welcome your comments and ideas for this blog.

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Linda MacTravel said...

AWESOME! I know this will be a terrific outlet for both of you to expound on your favorite teams...and to let all of the rest of us know what's REALLY going on in the sports world! Let's see all that stuff you talk about, in print! NIIIIICE!!!