Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Seattle Mariners Game 99: Red Sox 4 Mariners 0

Ichiro is looking at that ball like he is trying to use some Japanese Ninja mind trick to help him hit it. It is like he is willing the ball to his bat. Well it didn't work cause he went 0-4.

Washburn pitched well. But as usual who cares. It doesn't matter with this team anymore. They just can't put it together. We continue to see Batista pitch. We continue to watch Cairo, Vidro and Johjima take up space on our roster. 3 guys who are barely hitting above 200. This season is OVER for the M's and has been since they got swept by Baltimore back in April. So why keep these guys in the lineup? Why let them take away from guys like Lahair and Clement, even Balentien? Same old M's. Even when the season is totally in the crapper, they still feel the need to try and prove something, instead of making the right decisions and start worrying about the future and stop worrying about winning games this season. *SIGH*

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