Friday, April 10, 2009


Thursday afternoon Ichiro was the lead off hitter for both teams in a 5 inning Rookie League intrasquad game in Peoria, Arizona. He went 7-for-10 with two triples and one double. NICE! Good to hear he is feeling better and swinging the bat well. Looking forward to having him in the lineup ASAP!

"It always feels good to play in games, it's not like I haven't been playing all winter."

"I wanted to play. It was something that was chosen for me to do," said Ichiro. "Especially because I had a strong feeling that this team is a young team and I wanted to start the season with them." --in regards to being put on the DL

Ichiro was asked if his ulcer remained an issue

"It if was, I wouldn't be playing."

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Linda MacTravel said...

Simply CANNOT hardly wait for today's opener at The Safe!! It should be a good one, and emotional as well for all involved!