Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mariners Pre Game Notes April 14, 2009

And so here we are. Opening Day at Safeco Field. So much anticipation for tonight's game for so many reasons. One the Mariners are off to a great start after such an embarrassing season last year. They are playing as a team and winning as a team. Ken Griffey Jr will make his return to Safeco Field tonight as a member of the Seattle Mariners. I wish I was going to be there because that stadium is going to go nuts when Griffey is announced tonight. I really hope they leave him for last.

The Mariners will pay tribute today to "Tuba Man" who died last year after being attacked and beaten.
Starting Pitchers

Seattle - Carlos Silva (0-1, 10.80 ERA)

Silva's first start in Minnesota did not go well. Tonight is his chance at redemption with Mariners fans by going out and pitching well and giving them a chance to win here on opening day. A good out today could go along way in helping repair the reputation he has made with himself amongst Mariner fans. Pitch bad today and ruin opening day and he likely because the resident whipping boy for Seattle fans.

Anaheim - Shane Loux

Loux has not started a Major League game since 2003. He was out of MLB in 2007 before signing a minor league deal with the Angels.

With a sweep of the A's already in the bag, the Mariners will be looking to continue their winning ways against the division rival Angels in this one. The Angels have owned the Mariners the last few seasons and my hope is that tonight is the start of a new trend against the Angels and that is winning. It makes me a little nervous we have our bottom 3 pitchers going against them in this one but I believe these guys can come out strong.

"I am real happy with it, I like this club, I like the chemistry. It's a pretty close-knit group."

--Mariners manager Don Wakamatsu

"Why can't we win?"

--Mariners GM Jack Zduriencik

Ichiro is expected to be back in the Mariners lineup on Wednesday night. Talking to the media yesterday Ichiro had this to say...

"I feel so good that it's annoying," a smiling Ichiro told reporters through interpreter Ken Barron. "I feel so good that I feel like I would do something bad."

When asked if the WBC had an effect of the ulcer...

"That's just a guess," Ichiro said. "If you think about it, I could get an ulcer from the stress of talking to you guys [the media] as well. Right now, something might be happening to my stomach as we speak."

Speaking about the Mariners hanging his jersey in the dugout during his absence...

"It made me very happy, but at the same time, I'm not dead yet. I'll make sure to get that jersey back.''

At least he still has his sense of humor. Can't wait to see him back in the lineup!!

Tidbit of the day:

When rookie Chris Jakubauskas won his first MLB game and right-hander reliever David Aardsma registered his first MLB save on Friday night, it marked the third time in franchise history that it happened. Joel Pineiro and Brett Tomko did it on Aug. 8, 2000, and Roger Salkeld and Tim Davis were the first firsts, on April 28, 1994 -- MLB.com

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