Sunday, February 3, 2008


6 hours till kickoff. 6 hours till the inevitable happens and the Patriots win the Lombardi trophy and they can finally say they are perfect blah blah blah. We can all watch Tom Brady and the giant hole in his chin talk about how great they are. I can barely stand it.

Are the Patriots a great football team? YES. Did the Patriots make all sorts of history this season? YES. Is Tom Brady a great quarterback? YES. But what about the more important questions such as, is Bill Belichick a complete jackass? YES. Is Bill Belichick a cheater? YES. Is Tom Brady as cute as all the screaming girls claim he is? NO. Are the New England Patriots the greatest sports team of all time? NO. Did the Baltimore Ravens all but beat the Patriots back in weak 13 of the regular season? YES.

Football coach or homeless man? You decide.
Sorry Pats fans--Belichick is a great coach, but he is a cheater and he looks ridiculous wearing his cut off hoody every week on the sidelines. He looks like someones teenage son caught in a wrinkly old dudes body.

I am not even sure why he wastes his time talking with media after games. His answers are always the following...
"I'm not going to comment on that"
"all credit goes to the players"

Thanks for your insights Billy, great talking with you.

Had the Baltimore Ravens defensive coordinator not been such a MORON and let the play go instead of calling a timeout, the Ravens would have beaten the Pats and that would have been that. No more talk of a perfect season. But thanks to one stupid man, Chris and I have been left to endure it week in and week out. And I am sure former Ravens head coach Brian Billick felt like giving a speech that would have sounded a little familiar.......

So here we are, Super Bowl Sunday. I don't like the Giants and Eli Manning anymore than I like Tom Brady and the Patriots. But I like the underdog, I always have and I hope and pray the Giants find a way to win this football game. Regardless of what happens I think it will be a close game. If the Pats win I say 27-24. If the Giants win i say 31-28. The likelyhood is that at the end of the day the Pats will be the Super Bowl champs and we can all say "they are who we thought they were!"

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John said...

The inevitable? Wow. That catch on 3rd and 11 from Eli to Tyree was amazing. I can't believe the Pats choked.