Sunday, May 18, 2008

Seattle Mariners 44: Mariners 4 Padres 2

Bedard needed to deliver in this one. His last start was abysmal at best and he is the one guy the Mariners need to be better. Last night he proved why he is worth the players he was traded here for and why is is worth a big long term extension with this team. Bedard was outstanding last night. His final line on the night was 8 innings, 5 hits, 2 earned runs, 1 walk and 10 strikeouts. His only blemish on the night was one bad pitch in the 4th inning that Adrian Gonzalez put in the stands for a 2 run HR. It didn't phase Bedard though as he just kept on sitting down batters. He probably could have pitched the 9th had they needed him too since he was only at 101 pitches. But realistically there was no point in that when we had our closer needing to get into a game. JJ did his job and shut this one down and allowed Bedard to get his 3rd win of the season.

The offense came though when they needed to tonight. Teams aren't going to score 7, 8 or 9 runs every night. That just isn't realistic. Ibanez had an RBI double in the 1st. Ichiro had one in the 7th. Jamie Burke scored all the way from 1st. I never knew the guy could run that fast but he was cruising, holy smokes. 2 more runs scored in the inning when Beltre crushed a 2 run HR.

Offensively, defensively and on the mound this was an all around great game. Everyone came through for one another in this one.

And so today Felix takes the mound vs Shawn Estes for the Padres. Estes was a former 1st round pick of the Mariners. Felix has let this team down in his last few starts and he needs to turn things around starting today. We all know what he is capable of, we all know how dominant he can be. He NEEDS to do that today. This team has not won back to back games since April 22nd. If they have any hope of salvaging anything this season then they need to start stringing some wins together and getting some momentum going for themselves. I really hope that come later this evening I can blog about another win. I am sicking of talking about our losses.

GO M's!!

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Bryan said...

The boys and I were there (thanks, mom). Beautiful weather, beautiful domination from Bedard.