Saturday, May 17, 2008

Seattle Mariners Game 43: Padres 6 Mariners 4

Thank you Miguel Batista for yet again not being able to get out of the first inning without putting your team in a hole. Who else is getting sick of seeing him go out there and struggle to find any sort of command? He couldn't throw a strike to save his life. What strikes he was throwing they were crushing for doubles and triples. How he ended up going 5.1 innings in this one is beyond me. I would like to think he is hurt, but then if he is hurt why is still starting games? Chris wondered last night if Miguel was tipping his pitches. I really don't think it is fair to say he just sucks. You don't wake up one day and just not be good anymore. Miguel has always given up lots of hits and walked lots of batters but he has always not let a lot of runs across the plate. I think maybe it is time for Miguel to head to the bullpen and for us to either give Baek another shot at the rotation or call Dickey up from AAA and let him get his chance in the rotation. Whatever Batista has going on right now is hurting this team.
In all fairness to Batista, after the third inning last night the Mariners seemed to put their bats to sleep, tucked them in for the night and that was that. I am not making excuses but it must be hard for an already struggling team to watch their pitcher barely make it out of the first inning. Talk about deflating.

I didn't like the decision to move Lopez back to the number two spot last night. I don't care if Sexson is back. Lopez was tearing the cover off the ball the last week or so since he has been hitting in the number five spot. Last night back in the two hole he was 0-4. Why fix something that wasn't broken? Ichiro looked foolish striking out in the 9th with one on and nobody out. If you can't really on him to come through then we really have issues. Ichiro is only hitting .272. For a guy who has a career May batting average of .366 I think it is a little concerning.

So here we are, 11 games under .500 with a 16-27 record. Something has to happen because if this team continues to play like this all season long, Safeco's seats will be empty long before this season is over.

Today is a new day however. A clean slate. Another chance to get a win and another chance to start a winning streak. Bedard takes the mound today vs Wolf for the Padres. We still have the chance to win this series but Bedard HAS to be the ace he is and not the guy who couldn't find the strike zone last time out. Same goes for Felix tomorrow. If we can't win with these guys on the mound then why even play the games.

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