Thursday, May 22, 2008

Seattle Mariners Game 47: Tigers 9 Mariners 4

Another loss, shocking. You know I really feel like Silva deserves a free pass for his most recent performance on the mound. He has been one of our best and most reliable guys so far this season. He had a bad game, it happens. Washburn on the other hand has looked terrible dating back to last season. Last night was just hideous. He put his team in a deep hole before they could even blink. 2.1 innings, 12 hits and 9 earned runs. He is now 2-6 with a 6.99 ERA. NICE! RRS and Baek did a nice job last night of not allowing anything more than the 9 runs Washburn did. Not like it really matter but it was nice to not get even more humiliated.

Offense... Well I am not really sure what to say about this one. Betancourt and Sexson each had a HR and Ibanez and Beltre had the other 2 RBI's. We had 8 hits in the first 5 innings but nothing after that. Although I don't really blame the guys last night when they were already down by 8 runs before the 2nd inning even ended.

In my honest opinion this season is over for the M's. 9.5 games back from the first place Angels. Not only are we chasing (although we aren't running very fast) them we are also behind the A's and the Rangers. It isn't going to happen. We all know it. What I wish is that management and coaching would make the roster moves necessary. Just a few of my own thoughts on what I think should be done with this team...

Let's start with the starting rotation shall we. Remove Washburn and Batista. Call up Dickey and Ryan Feierabend and let them take the 4 and 5 slots. You have nothing to lose and Feierabend is pitching well down in Tacoma. Why not reward him and let him get almost a full season under his belt. Move Batista into the bullpen as the long reliever. He has been a relief pitcher before in his career so I don't think this would be a difficult transition for him. As for Washburn, I don't really know what they should do with him. Right now I would have no issue seeing him be straight up released. He is hurting this team more than helping them, so why bother when you have young guys who could use the experience. The Mariners did designate Baek for assignment following last nights game and most likely will be calling up Dickey to take his place on the roster.

My new starting rotation--


Bullpen. There really isn't a ton of things I would change here. I like a lot of the guys we have. With the addition of Batista as the long relief guy you have him and RRS who can go in long relief also. The only addition I would maybe make to the bullpen is Roy Corcoran. Who did a really good job when he was up earlier this year.

Ryan Rowland-Smith

I don't really understand the catching situation in Seattle. Jeff Clement is the Mariners top prospect right now. His supposed to be our catcher of the future. Yet the future is pretty much here and they opted instead to resign Johjima to a 3 year extension. When Clement was called up he did well on the days he was the catcher. But as a DH he struggled to hit the ball. That tells me he needs to be in there catching. Perhaps it is time for the M's to cut ties with Johjima regardless of his new extension and make Clement our everyday catcher except of course on the days Burke catches Bedard. I like the Clement, Burke combo.


We have a pretty good infield. I really would only change one thing. And yes I know Richie is my favorite Mariner but I just believe he needs a change. Sometimes a new team and a new stadium is all an athlete needs. I really believe that 95% of Richie's problems are mental. I really believe the boos etc have been really hard on him. Richie will be gone at seasons end no matter what but why not make the change now. There has been a rumor going around that the Mariners should trade Richie straight up to the Mets for Carlos Delgado. Delgado also having a tough year is older than Sexson but is an experienced veteran who has spent much of his career as a hitter that pitchers have feared. Maybe not so much right now but I believe this trade would benefit both players and their respective teams. That being said, I feel with the Mariners so far out of this thing they should stick within their own system for the rest of this season. Bring up Brian Lahair to play 1st base. What not see what he can do? Who is it going to hurt?

1st-Bryan LaHair
2nd-Jose Lopez
3rd-Adrian Beltre
SS-Yuniesky Betancourt

Lastly the outfield and DH. Balentien and Ichiro are just fine where they are. But Raul and his outfield defense are seriously starting to make me squeamish. He is just not very good out there. We called up Jeremy Reed the other day and I think it is time he gets to play left field. Not only will he vastly improve our defense out there but that would leave Ibanez open to be our everyday DH. Oh yes that of course means bye bye Jose Vidro. Ibanez is far greater production wise than Vidro and that is really what you want from your DH in the first place.



New Lineup


Subractions via realease or trade-Washburn, Johjima, Baek, Sexson, Vidro.
Additions-Dickey, Feierabend, Corooran, Clement, Lahair.

Possible additions via trade-Delgado, Ken Griffey Jr.

The Mariners are no longer on a position to be playing to win. It is time to let some of these young guys play. Will they struggle? Probably. It will take time for some of them to get used to being on a major league roster everyday. But this is the time to do it. The Mariners have allowed this season to go down the crapper and now is the time to let the young guys play out this season. Some of them deserve to be here much more than some of the veterans on this team. Sadly, for these things to happen we may need to see the biggest change of all which would be to fire Bavasi and hire a GM who has a clue about building a winner.

You know what sucks the most about losing so bad the last two days? The fact that we have Batista going to the mound this afternoon. Ugh! Bonderman goes for the Tigers.

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