Friday, May 16, 2008

Seattle Mariners Game 42: Mariners 4 Rangers 3

Another quality outing from Carlos Silva. He gave up 3 straight doubles to start the game resulting in an early 2-0 lead for the home team Rangers. But after that he just kept sitting them down. Unfortunately he left this game a little early than I think any of us would have hoped with a sore back. His final line on the night was 6.1 innings pitched, 5 hits, 2 earned runs and 4 strikeouts. Not a bad night for a guy who in the first inning looked like it might be a very short night for him.

The bullpen really did a great job of keeping this a close game. It didn't look that way at first when Brandon Morrow came in and immediately walked the first 2 batters he faced, failing to record an out. Arthur Rhodes came in and got them out of what could have been a very big inning for the Rangers. Green came in to pitch in the 8th inning and he also failed to record an out. He gave up 2 hits and what would eventually be the tying run. Next up was RRS and Lowe who between them gave up only a hit and a walk. RRS got the blown save because one of the runners on base came in to score off a hit he gave up. But the earned run was given to Green since he was the pitcher who allowed him on base. JJ was up next and pitched 2 strong innings to keep the score tied at 3 a piece. Washburn (I thought it was odd as well) was the pitcher with a chance to save this game. He did just that and the M's got the win 4-3.

Lopez, Clement, Betancourt and Cairo had the RBI's in this one. Clement had a triple and a double. He is definitely starting to look more comfortable at the plate. Cairo of all people had the game winning RBI for the M's in the top of the 12th. Nice to see a guy who doesn't get to play much come through for the team like that.

Interesting night that's for sure. Putz with the win, Washburn with the save and Cairo with the game winning RBI. Pigs just may have flown on this night.

Good game all around--defense, pitching and offensively when it mattered the most. This team needed that win in a big way. Let's hope it is the start of something for this team. They all picked each other up when they needed to in this one and they need to start doing a little more of that.

Next up is a little inter-league with the Padres at home. Batista takes the mound against Chris Young. The Padres are possibly one of the worst teams in all of baseball right now. Yes even worse than the M's. This is a series we need to win a huge way. Sexson should be back from his suspension tonight. Would be nice to see his bat do some big things this weekend at home.

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