Monday, June 30, 2008


This just in...

Seattle Mariners SWEEP the San Diego Padres!!

First sweep of the season. Can you believe it? I know I sure can't. I know it is only the Padres, but STILL that is THREE wins in a row. I didn't think I would see this happen this season. I am almost speechless. It makes me want to do a jig, sort of like this...

Can they make it 4 in a row? My guess is no but then again who knows. Tune in tomorrow night to see. Blue Jays will be in town for 3 game set. Dickey will look to do what he did last time out as he takes the mound for the M's vs Roy Halladay for the Blue Jays. Halladay is the main reason I am not so sure we can pull out 4 in a row. The guy is good.

The Sexson/Vidro watch is on. If I was a betting woman I would say Richie has played his last game as a Mariner. We shall see. Stayed tuned folks, things could get interesting.


Linda MacTravel said...

SWEEEET SWEEEP BABY!!! I know that they were just waiting for me to get back home so that they could WIN WIN WIN for one of their most devoted fans!!! HA!
And...wasn't that FUSSBALL game between Germany & Spain great? The Germans were too cocky going in... and their luck ran out. Spain was definitely the better team and they deserved the win! GO MARINERS!

M said...

Isn't fun when they win? Once again. Love your stuff.

Have a nice 4th.