Thursday, June 19, 2008

Putz on DL

Diagnosed with a "hyper-extended elbow that caused triceps tendon inflammation and an irritated ulnar nerve." Good news I suppose considering the alternative. I really hope JJ is ready to come back this time. I never fully believed he was when he was on the DL the first time around and really felt like they rushed him back because they were trying to spark something with this team. Hopefully now that the season is all but over for the Mariners on any competitive level they will let JJ take all the time he needs.

McLaren has said it will be "closer by committee." I think this is a BAD move. He needs to have people set in their defined roles. Guys need to know what they are coming to the ballpark preparing for every day. He did this the first time around and it blew up in his face and I am certain it will this time as well. The smart move would be to let Morrow close out the games for now.

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