Thursday, June 12, 2008

Seattle Mariners Game 62: Boston 11 Seattle 3

Not really shocked we lost this one at all. First of all Batista was pitching against the Red Sox AT Fenway Park. There was really no hope for him in this one. Second, Wakefield was pitching for them. If you consider the fact we have a team full of guys who like to swing at the first pitch EVERY time it is a recipe for disaster against a knuckle ball pitcher like Wakefield. The key in my opinion is to be PATIENT with him, make him throw a lot of pitches. Not sure why NONE of the Mariners can figure this concept out. It's the knuckle ball folks, it is unpredictable and he is bound to throw lots and lots of balls out of the zone if you just let him. But instead we just flail away like little girls at their first ever t-ball game hoping to make contact with that little baseball for the very first time.

Who even cares how we got our runs. It was another day of flailing at balls out of the zone and not getting runners home from scoring position.
Next up is Bedard vs Masterson in a day game at Fenway. Chris and I will be at the game and the temperatures are going to soar, so it should be HOT HOT HOT!!

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