Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mariners Fire Pentland

I am not really sure why it took until June 9th for the first casualty of this coaching staff to fall. I kinda feel bad for Pentland. I mean what could he do really? Was he supposed to accompany each hitter to the plate in each at bat and hold their hands? I am not sure that with this many free swingers on one team that there is anyone out there that could change their approach. But when your players aren't hitting the batting coach should be the first to go. I wish Bavasi would fire himself. Or at the very least put his head back in the vice that started to squish it and allow it to finish the job. Lee Elia will take over for the time being.

Seriously does he not look like he got his head stuck in a vice? Speaking of Bavasi getting fired, he really should have been fired on this dreadful day in the off season last year.Ah, Jeff Weaver. Worst start by any pitcher in MLB history. And our man Bavasi signed him. Gotta LOVE it!!

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