Thursday, June 12, 2008

JJ Putz

No word yet on what was causing JJ's sore elbow. I honestly would not be surprised if something shows up after he is looked at by team doctors back in Seattle tomorrow. JJ has not looked right for a long time. He has lost velocity on his fast ball, he has completely lost the strike zone. Something is wrong with him and I hope they can pin point just exactly what it is. The Mariners need a healthy JJ and they need the dominant closer that he was last year.


Linda MacTravel said...

So. First of all, Hallo from Germany, the center of the F├╝ssball universe! Nextly, I just read that the Mariners finally canned Bavasi!! Woohoo!!! It is probably too late to turn things around, but it cannot hurt either!
Love you and will be home in 9 days!

M said...

Yep, good stuff. I was so wanting to read your blog today.

Take care.