Thursday, June 12, 2008

Seattle Mariners Game 63: Boston 2 Seattle 1

First off let me say how freaking hot it was at this one. It was just gross. Temp was 98 but with the humidity felt much hotter. Thankfully our seats were covered so we didn't have the sun beating right down on us but it was still hot either way.

Bedard was good in this one aside from the 3rd inning in which he threw over 20 pitches. Not exactly a good strategy in the nearly 100 degree heat. Some could say Bedard got a raw deal from the ump with the count at 2-2 on Dustin Pedroia and 2 outs in the inning. Bedard threw what should have been a called strike 3 and the inning over, but instead it was called a ball. Of course the next pitch Bedard through was an actual ball and Pedroia walked prolonging the inning. Next up was Drew who was hit by a pitch and the tying run walked home from 3rd base. Bedard was at fault for hitting Drew but it never should have been allowed to happen had Pedroia been called out on strikes in the first place.

Bedard ended up going 5 innings giving up only the 1 run, 2 hits and struck out 5. You can say what you want that he should have went deeper in the game etc. But the reality is was so hot in that day that there were fans who had passed out from heat related reasons. I cannot imagine what it was like to have been on the field in full uniform. Also, for a guy who doesn't have a good track record at Fenway Park he did a good job keep the Red Sox quiet. Is it Bedards fault that our offense cannot score runs against a pitcher who was making only his 3rd career start and who was called up from double A ball? Not even Triple A, DOUBLE A and yet we made him look like a seasoned veteran.

Richie Sexson got totally robbed by JD Drew on what was a certain 2 run double if not a 3 run HR in the second inning. Sexson hammered a ball to right field and Drew made a spectacular running, lunging, jumping catch. ROBBERY!!

The boys are off to Toronto now for a 3 game set in good ole' Canada. Toronto has been struggling as of late so it would be nice for us to get a series win and gain some confidence.

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