Saturday, April 26, 2008

JJ Gets Pied

Mariners closer JJ Putz is always the one who gives out the shaving cream pies to the face. Usually it will go to the pitcher with his first win or save. The batter with his first hit or HR. JJ returned last Tuesday from the DL and notched a save his first night back. After the game he was visibly nervous and couldn't stop looking over his shoulder while being interviewed in the dugout. It was pretty funny to see him so paranoid.

JJ made his way into the clubhouse and sat down in front of his locker to talk with the media. He clearly thought he was safe, although he did joke with reporters asking them to "make a wall around me so no one can get in here." As the reporters started asking him questions Mariners reliever Mark Lowe emerged from behind JJ and got him with a pie. Lowe had been hiding in JJ's locker behind some clothes for like 5 or 10 minutes. He gave all the reporters a scare as well because no one knew he was there.

Welcome back JJ!!

Click HERE to see the video.

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