Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wilkerson/Norton Released, Clement/Balentien Called Up

Ok so you gotta feel a little bad for Brad Wilkerson considering he was 3-3 last night. According to Mariners management though the decision for his release was already made before last nights game. It is really for the better if you ask me. Wilkerson had done NOTHING in this entire month of April. He was a liability at the plate every night. Why keep him if he isn't going to produce when you have a young guy waiting for his chance?

Norton was kind of the odd man out here. I feel for him. I really thought he did well for us in the few appearances he had this year. But the reality is with Clement and Balentien there is really no place for him. Balentien will become our everyday right fielder while Clement will get most of his time at DH. Manager John McLaren has already said Clement will face righties while Vidro will still get the starts against lefties. Which I am okay with considering the majority of pitchers in the league are righties. The more of Clement and the less of Vidro this teams sees the better for all of us.

So there we have it. Management actually realized this team needed a change. They realized it was time to get rid of some dead wood. I will admit I liked the Wilkerson signing when it happened. I really thought he would do well in Seattle. I was wrong and I am kinda glad I was because I would rather see Balentien out there than Wilkerson.

Welcome to the Seattle Mariners Jeff Clement and Wladimir Balentien. The Angels have their Vlad and now we have OUR Wlad. YAY! Hopefully we be seeing lots of this...


Linda MacTravel said...
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Linda MacTravel said...

Question: Why did Mac wait SO long to insert either of these outstanding players into last night's lineup??? Honestly! Take the pulse of the game once in awhile, Mac...preferably before the 9th inning!!! With Johjima on the bench for the next couple of days, we should be able to see what all the hubbub is about with Clement and Balentien (although, I'm already convinced with B's stuff following last night's performance with his one-man attempt at pulling this struggling bunch out of the dumps!!) Go M's!!