Friday, April 25, 2008

Seattle Mariners Game 22: Orioles 3 Mariners 2

Silva was having a great night on the mound until he started to feel tightness in his right thigh in the 7th inning. Gave us all a little bit of a scare when he came out of the game given how great he was been for us early this season. Good news though, he says he is fine and he won't miss his next start.

Nothing to really talk about offensively in this game. It was another disappointing night. Daniel Cabrera is just not a good pitcher and yet we made him look like an all-star. The Mariners have a habit of doing that and it is oh so frustrating.

Next up is Washburn vs Loewen. Hopefully we can win it and take this series and forget all about the lack of offense in this one against a less than mediocre pitcher.

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