Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Quest for the Holy Grail of Sports Begins Tonight....

Tonight NHL teams take to the ice as they begin their journey towards the oldest and most cherished trophy in North American sports. This is what they play for. This is what they strive for night in and night out. To be the last team standing and being able to hold the Stanley Cup above their heads with tears of joy falling from their eyes. The Stanley Cup playoffs is a time to watch grown men become kids again. A time to watch them achieve the dreams they have fought for all their lives. Last year it was the Anaheim Ducks, will they repeat? Or will a new champion be crowned?

The playoffs matches are as follows:

Western Conference

(1)Detroit Red Wings vs (8)Nashville Predators

(2)San Jose Sharks vs (7)Calgary Flames

(3)Minnesota Wild vs (6) Colorado Avalanche

(4)Anaheim Ducks vs (5) Dallas Stars

Eastern Conference

(1)Montreal Canadiens vs (8) Boston Bruins

(2)Pittsburgh Penguins vs (7)Ottawa Senators

(3)Washington Capitals vs (6)Philadelphia Flyers

(4)New Jersey Devils vs (5) New York Rangers

Out of the Western Conference I am rooting for the Avalanche (Chris is very excited) and out east I am definitely pulling for the Montreal Canadiens. I really believe they are the only Canadian team who can bring the cup back to Canada this year. However, they are playing the Boston Bruins who I would also like to see do well. They are totally the underdog.

Could be fun kids. Sidney Crosby AND Alexander Ovechkin in the playoffs, it doesn't get any better than that.

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Bryan said...

Flames lead series 1-0!!!