Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Seattle Mariners Game 8: Mariners 6 Rays 5

PHEW! That was a stressful game to watch. It could have gone either way. Bedard wasn't as sharp as he certainly can be. That could be due to the fact his hip is still bothering him just enough to throw him off his rhythm. Or it could be largely due to the fact the he does not statistically pitch well in April, so I am not too worried. He pitched well enough to give us a chance to win. That is really all you can ask from your starting pitchers.

Going only 6 innings though made me a little nervous given how bad our bullpen was in Baltimore. I wasn't convinced they would get it done. But Corcoran and Rowland-Smith came in and shut the door. 3 innings between them and 4 strikeouts while only giving up 1 hit. Rowland-Smith even ended up with his first career save and looked great doing so. I certainly hope we will be seeing more of the two of them the next little while.

Richie Sexson had a great night at the plate. I have always been one of his biggest backers and was excited to see him doing well. He was 2-4 with 3 RBI's and a walk. He has definitely looked more comfortable at the plate the last week and I hope that continues. Lopez had another good game going 3-4 with a RBI. Brad Wilkerson FINALLY got his first RBI's of the season hitting a 2 run single. He is one guy who NEEDS o start hitting the ball consistently, otherwise I think it is time for Mike Morse in right field.

I am not going to waste my time complaining about guys such as Vidro and how I believe he is seriously dragging this team down. Instead I will choose to enjoy last nights win and hope for another tonight. Washburn (yikes) gets his second start of the season and a chance to redeem himself after a terrible outing last time around.

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