Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Seattle Mariners Game 14: Royals 5 Mariners 1

Offense, where was the offence? I have found myself asking that every other game lately. Ichiro had 2 hits and a RBI, Johjima had 2 hits and Vidro 1 hit. Wilkerson was the only batter to walk. Now lets give credit where credit is due, Grienke is a very good young pitcher. But 5 hits from 3 guys through NINE innings of baseball. Never mind the fact they hit into THREE inning ending double plays. That is unacceptable for the amount of money that has been put into this lineup. They boys better find their hitting shoes going into Anaheim this weekend or things could get ugly for this team in a real hurry.
Washburn pitched okay last night. He came out like a man on a mission to start the game with a quick first inning. But then in the second inning he gave up a solo home run to Billy Butler and then a 2 run home run to former Mariner catcher Miguel Olivo. But he recovered pretty well after that. He ended up going 6 innings and only gave up those 3 runs while striking out six. The bullpen did a decent job the rest of the way but still gave up two more runs. Grienke ended up with a complete game 5 hitter. Not too shabby for him. The Royals pitching has been a surprising bright spot for them early in this season.

The bright spot for the Mariners last night was that hard throwing knuckle ball pitcher R.A Dickey came in for a 1-2-3 9th inning. I am glad he is on the big team now where he belongs and not down in the minors. Hopefully he will be as good for us as we all expect him to be.

Tonight we send Batista out to the mound for another chance at his first win of the season. He has looked shaky thus far but I think he is one guy who deserves a little space before we throw him to the wolves. He did lead the team in wins last year with 16 and has lived up way beyond the expectations any of us had for him. I am confident he will rebound tonight from his first two starts.
Lets hope there is more exciting things in tonight's game than just the uber dance moves of the grounds crew in between innings.

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Linda MacTravel said...

Once again, Evey, you do me proud! That is some clutch blogging you are doing and I can't wait to read each day's offerings! Today's game is going GREAT...did the bottom of that 5th inning last an hour or is it my imagination??? Well, at least I hope we will end up splitting this series and go into Oakland & LA with some bat-momentum. Well done.